MetLife Foundation

The foundation had a solid strategy that wasn't well integrated into the MetLife business. Working with TCG, the MetLife Foundation capitalized on a shared value opportunity to scale the impact of the foundation while adding to the business' triple bottom line.

The Client:

The philanthropic arm of MetLife, Inc., has provided more than $530 million in grants and $100 million in program-related investments to nonprofits. In 2013, the Foundation launched a global initiative to devote significant resources to bringing vital financial knowledge, tools, and support to underserved and "unbanked" communities around the world.

Challenge: To introduce MetLife’s senior leadership to the strategies of financial inclusion and inspire them to leverage their expertise and resources toward the Foundation’s mission

Approach: MetLife Foundation partnered with TCG towards a development of key relationships with counterparts in MetLife business units through a full-day workshop and visits to microfinance institutions around the city.

Outcome: The MetLife Foundation team gained a unique learning opportunity and exposure to banking services, as well as a renewed understanding of the challenges facing their region’s low-income individuals.


MetLife Foundation sought help to:

  • successfully focus and improve their team’s expertise

  • get educated on financial inclusion

  • strategically use their resources toward their goals and mission

We conducted a full-day workshop in Delhi, India for 35 MetLife senior executives. Developing this session comprised of  designing the agenda, vetting panelists and other contributing experts and ratifying presentation content to ensure alignment with the objectives of the event. We planned and oversaw complex logistics coordination for site visits to local micro-finance institutions in busy villages around the city. And the results made it all worthwhile:


• Executives gained resources that would help them partner with local nonprofits already engaged in financial inclusion.

• MetLife Foundation leadership developed key relationships with their counterparts in MetLife

business units

  • MetLife Foundation leadership and business units were equipped with a replicable program to educate and inform similar audiences on their strategy.

• Leadership left with a better understanding of how financial inclusion strategies impact their communities.


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Britt Hogue