The Process

Change takes a comprehensive view and the grit to follow through.

Let’s walk through your transformation together using four steps that have been TCG-tested and client-approved.


Understand The Challenge

We explore the why behind our engagement. A shared understanding of your goals creates the foundation of your success.


Discover The Facts

We invest up front in discovery and a needs assessment to target, reframe, and lock on to the impact area and opportunity. We promise you’ll see dividends in the end.


Design The Right Approach

We leverage the expertise of our consultants in crafting the perfect framework using solutions, such as strategy, organizational development, and evaluation.


Co-Create Solutions

We’re holistic changemakers. We partner with you and your stakeholders to co-create, solve, and execute the perfect solution.


The Solutions

Increasing and sustaining impact is often the result of successfully executing some of these strategies.



Revolutionize your organization at the core.

Understand your performance, prioritize your progress, and achieve your goals.


Understand your impact and measure what matters.

Invest in the analyses and appraisals that can help you implement action.

Organizational Development

Bring out the best in your people and processes.

Creatively leverage your talent and watch your team thrive.


Let’s start making these solutions a reality for you and your team.